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Thursday, July 24 at 6pm
Annual Picnic with special guest
Mark Wourms of Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest
at Louisville Nature Center, 3745 Illinois Ave.

This is the second year we are having our annual picnic at Louisville Nature Center. Weather permitting, we'll again plan to eat outside. However, we do have the option of cooling off or eating inside if necessary. As usual, our meal will be a potluck. Greater Louisville Sierra Club will provide two main dishes (one meat, one vegetarian) and one main beverage. Please bring some food of your choosing to share. Also, we ask that you bring your own reusable eating/drinking ware. Sorry, alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, founded in 1929, is made up of 14,000 acres of forest and a 250-acre arboretum, with 35 miles of hiking trails. It is located in Bullitt County, 25 miles south of Louisville. Bernheim is Kentucky's Official Arboretum and its woodlands, prairies, and wetlands make up the largest privately-owned natural area in Kentucky.

Dr. Mark Wourms, Executive Director at Bernheim, is a botanist and ecologist by training. He came to Kentucky in 2008 after serving as chief executive officer of the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden and before that as director of the Kansas City Zoo.

Our programs, including our picnic, are free and open to the public. Please join us!

Social Dinner With Sierrans
Join us for fellowship and food each month on the third Friday of each month.    Please click the Social Dinner Schedule link on the right to learn which restaurant the group will meet at this month, and for the details on who to contact.

Stay informed About Louisville Events!
Sign up to receive our monthly Louisville Group E-Newsletter. Just click on the link - it is quite easy. (Please choose "Greater Louisville Group Newsletter" in the GROUP [3rd] section).

Outings News
Ever hike the Knobstone Trail?  Have you seen the Jefferson County Memorial Forest close up? Sierra Club outings will explore these areas, and many more.

Red River Gorge, Kentucky
(More lovely pictures at the Outings page).

Also, ending Mountaintop Removal Mining is an ongoing focus of the Sierra Club's Kentucky activity.  We have members hiking and water testing in eastern Kentucky on a regular basis to document environmental stress, to talk with residents, and to support legal challenges which have stopped permits. For additional outings info, click here.   Also see Inner City Outings.


We have a Greater Sierra Club Facebook page, (with thanks to member Jacob Stoebel).


Please "Like" us, write on the "Wall," and do all those other good Facebook activities that will connect our membership!

Upcoming Events

July 18
Social Dinner

July 24

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Wendell Berry's speech at "I Love Mountains" - incredibly inspiring

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WFPL Louisville


Greater Louisville Ex-Com
Our Executive Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m, at the Clifton Library on Frankfort Ave.   Let us know what matters to you. We welcome new members and fresh ideas!

Have ideas for Programs? Hikes? We’re listening. Our general meetings every third Tuesday are open to all!  

Metro Louisville Sustainability Plan
The Greater Louisville Sierra Club submitted comments on the draft Metro Louisville Sustainability Plan. We suggested that because of the severity of looming climate change, Metro Louisville should be much bolder and more active in the Sustainability Plan. The Mayor and Office of Sustainability did make some changes. Read our comments here, and the finalized Plan here.

Become an Outings Leader!
If you are willing to lead an outdoor event, such as a walk/hike of one hour, all-day, or overnight, or biking, canoeing, etc., we would love to have your particpation.  Please talk to Joan Lindop, or Panaena or Joe Bina.

Outings Leader Training sessions are held twice a year. Contact Joan Lindop or Panaena and Joe at

Watershed Watch Stream Monitoring Programs
Ever wonder what a healthy waterway should look like? Wonder about the chemistry and biology of our waterways? Here are opportunities to really get involved. Volunteers are needed for the  Watershed Testing programs, (also known as Water Sentinels). You must have training to participate. 

Salt River Watershed Watch 
Trainings are held each spring, and sampling dates will be coming up. Visit the Salt River Watershed Watch website,,  for more information. Contact person is Sarah Wolff, 432-2677 cell, or email Sarah Wolff. (Also recommend checking the Cumberland Chapter site).

The Salt River Watershed Watch, (also know as Salt River Basin) is the closest watershed watch program for Greater Louisville. 

Kentucky River Watershed Watch: KRWW also holds training sessions that will teach you how and what to look for.  Surf over to and click on "Schedule of Events" for more information.

Tim Guilfoile of Sierra Water Sentinels has ongoing research into the effects of valley fill from Mountain Top Removal; to become a water tester, contact Darlene Rusnak, or

For additional information, you can also look at the Cumberland Chapter site on water testing.

Pictures of the Greater Louisville Sierra Club in action
We have a link to a nice album of pictures of us in action, taken by Mark Atwell.  Click on the Pictures link in the left-hand green column, or here.

Climate Change Report
The U.S. Global Change Research Program released a report recently that summarizes the science and the impact of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. It discusses climate change impacts in different regions of the U.S. and the effect on various aspects of society and the economy such as energy, water, agriculture, and health.  Here is a link to the full report:

You can also browse around on their website to check out different pieces of the report here:   Also note  It has a good Southeast Region section, which pertains to us. 

Get Outside!

There are many exciting and adventurous outings offered throughout the Louisville area and the state. Outings include hiking, backpacking, service outings and more! Check out this Outings Link for more information!

Interested in working on outings with Inner City children in the Louisville Area? Contact Kevin McAdams at (502) 494-7040 for more information.

We have the challenge and opportunity of working with the Metro Government, letting our voices be heard. We should be attending some meetings of the Council and getting to know the players. Also, if there are speakers or topics you would like us to address at Monthly Meetings, please let us know. Contact Joan Lindop.

E-Mail Addresses Wanted
If you are willing to receive 1-2 emails per month with reminders about the Greater Louisville Sierra Club activities, please send an e-mail to .

Community Conversations
If you want to join a conversation about what's happening in the Metro Area, we suggest you attend one of Mayor Greg Fischer's gatherings. For information on dates, times, and locations, click here.

Join up and help out
Greater Louisville GroupWANT TO HELP the environment, meet great people, and enjoy the outdoors? If your zip code begins with 400, 401, and 402, then you're in the Greater Louisville Group area. Join us. For information about groups outside this area, click here. For monthly e-mail updates about our activities, e-mail Joan Lindop.

Volunteers Needed to Attend APCD Meetings
APCD (Air Pollution Control District) meets every third Wednesday of each month. If you can get to these meetings, please do. The environmental interests are seldom represented!

Grass roots OUTRAGE can clean up our air. Each member of Metro Council individually needs to hear our concerns. And the Air Pollution Control District (City Agency) has stakeholder committees. The APCD contact person is

Volunteers are also needed to attend:

  • West End Task Force meetings (every third Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the NIA Bldg)
  • Planning Commission meetings (Thursday afternoons at Jefferson & 6th)

The business & ethical case for energy efficiency
Municipal electric utility CEO Glenn Cannon gave this presentation last year to a large audience in the Midwest. It offers ideas based on solid experience for doing well in a carbon-constrained world. [2.8 Mb]

For more information about events, or questions on web site content,  e-mail Joan Lindop, (phone 502-228-0016).

Volunteer  Webmaster: Wallace McMullen


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