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Get Involved! Eastern Pipistrelle BatPhoto by Chuck Summers
(thanks Chuck!)
Eastern Pipistrelle Bat

FlowstonePhoto by Chuck Summers
(thanks Chuck!)
Flowstone in the Frozen Niagara Section of Mammoth Cave at Mammoth Cave NP..

We used this photo to create our Group website banner. Thank you to Chuck Summers for volunteering this and many of the other beautiful photos we used on our website!

Our online outreach coordinator canoeing with us on a Group outingOur Mammoth Cave Group Secretary (& ExCom member), Travis Varney, canoeing with us on a Sierra Club outing. spacer
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Volunteer for the Mammoth Cave Group!

Volunteer Interest Survey

Share your volunteer interests and availability with us!

+ Complete Our Volunteer Interest Survey Here!

We need your help to do the local environmental work that is so important to all of us. Please share your outings, conservation and volunteer interests with us by completing our Volunteer Interest Survey.

The information will help us network our experienced volunteers with friends and members who have interest in the same area of expertise and want to be more involved.

Thank you for helping us continue to grow in our capacity to nurture, protect, and otherwise be faithful stewards of Kentucky's environment.

Volunteer Leaders Needed

Appointed Leaders

Our Group is in need of the following leadership positions. These are formal Sierra Club leadership roles, and require current membership status in the Sierra Club. If you would be interested in volunteering for one of these positions, but are not currently a Sierra Club member - it is easy to join Sierra Club online!

These positions are appointed by the Group Chair and ratified by the Group ExCom.

To volunteer, or for questions about the following open positions, please contact our Group Chair

+ Group Conservation Chair

Purpose of Position

  • To provide leadership, direction, and guidance on conservation issues for the Group;
  • To motivate and direct the Group Conservation Committee; and
  • To appropriately delegate activities related to Group conservation to committee and other Group members.


Leadership, Direction, and Guidance on Conservation Issues

  • Provide Group leaders with a long-range vision of what the Club's conservation strategy and priorities should be over the next two to five years.
  • Identify conservation issues needing attention and worthy of Group consideration.
  • Assist Group leaders to develop conservation priorities.
  • Design plans and strategies for current conservation campaigns.
  • Report regularly on conservation committee activities to the CHAPTER Conservation Chair, GROUP chair, Group executive committee, and other committees. 

Motivation, Direction, and Coordination of the Group Conservation Committee

  • Oversee conservation committee activities to ensure that all needed tasks are accomplished.
  • Direct and assist the committee to set goals and carry out objectives. - Coordinate main functions and campaigns of the committee.

Delegation of Conservation-related Activities

  • Identify, recruit and challenge volunteer leaders.
  • Identify individual members' abilities and interests and assign tasks appropriately.
  • Train and assign volunteers to carry out conservation activities.
  • Follow up assignments to be sure they are carried out.
  • Thank volunteers and provide other rewards (social activities, public recognition) to ensure repeat performances.
  • Prevent duplication of work by linking key individuals with one another.
  • Challenge and encourage members to use their talents and skills to the maximum. 
+ Group Fundraising Chair

Purpose of Position

To work with the Group executive committee to develop and implement an annual Group fundraising program, based on the annual conservation and other goals and on records from previous years.


  1. Creates a monthly planning calendar for Fundraising events and activities working with the Group Chair and ExCom.

  2. Recruits 3-5 people to work on Fundraising Team (“Team”). Familiarizes each team member on their activities and delegate authority to each to perform their functions. Coordinates with Publicity and the Volunteer Coordinator on Member Engagement Team when needed.

  3. Administration (or delegate to Administration on Team): Be the contact for member inquiries and responses regarding fundraising activities and events; orders all the necessary printed materials for fundraising; orders lists and labels from the Labels desk at National for mailings, events and activities for fundraising; sends invitations and letters when needed; schedules and places fundraising donation ads, event ads, planned giving ads, merchandise sales ads (from AdKit) into the regular Chapter and/or Group newsletter; schedules Fundraising Team meetings for Fundraising Chair.

  4. Merchandise Sales (or delegate to Merchandise Sales Manager on Team): Sets up sales network to sell a variety of Sierra Club products, directly to members and non-members, such as calendars, boxed holiday and notecards, coffee, and other merchandise located at Works with Administration on the Team to place sales ads in newsletter; works with Member Engagement Team Recruiter to coordinate on tabling events, monthly meetings, and other selling opportunities. Makes presentations to local businesses use these Sierra Club items as holiday gifts or to use the Sierra Club holiday cards as their company’s holiday cards.

  5. Fundraising Events Coordinator (or delegate to Events Coordinator on Team): Finds someone to create one or two fundraising events, that are/if manageable for your Group size and budget, that can be held annually. Create a budget, volunteer needs, timelines; negotiate event space, catering, auction items or performers, etc. Manages all aspects of these events including the financial reporting. Tracks the progress of these Fundraising activities. Coordinates efforts with Member Engagement Team Events Coordinator.

  6. Develops and maintains historical data and procedures for fundraising programs for future planning and future Fundraising chairs.

  7. Before leaving office, train your replacement and pass along all plans, results, and materials to your replacement.

Elected Leaders

Our Group is seeking Executive Committee Members. These are formal Sierra Club leadership roles, and require current membership status in the Sierra Club.

ExCom leaders are elected by the general membership in our Mammoth Cave Group geographic region in November to serve for a term of 2 years. However, when a Sierra Club Group has ExCom vacancies, we may appoint these positions to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term.

To volunteer, or for questions about serving as an ExCom member, please contact our Group Chair

+ Group ExCom Member

The Cumberland Chapter, and all its active local Groups, seek candidates to run for Group and Chapter Executive Committee elections each year. ExCom members provide the administrative leadership for the Group or Chapter, and serve for a term of 2 years. Chapter ExCom members meet in person 6 times/year. Local, Group ExComs generally meet once/month.


  • Understand and promote the mission of the Sierra Club
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and General meetings
  • Lead and provide educational training and/or conservation opportunities to the general membership
  • Promote the Outings Program
  • Participate in long range planning
  • Actively assist in fundraising activities or contribute financially
  • Ensure financial stability and solvency
  • Modify and allocate resources; must be consistent with the opportunities, the abilities, and the commitment of the chapter/group
  • Monitor, question, and evaluate club activities
  • Provide Leadership and Vision within the chapter/group
  • Contribute a sense of camaraderie and teamwork

Volunteer Help Wanted

Volunteer Coordinator

We need someone to help us recruit and organize volunteers for activities and events.

To volunteer, please contact: Mammoth Cave Group Chair

Outing Leaders

In order to offer a diverse program of safe and enjoyable outing activities, Sierra Club depends on the voluntary services of trained, Sierra Club Outings Leaders. We are always looking for more outing leaders to help us grow our outing activities - both in number and type of outing.

If you would be interested in becoming a Sierra Club Outing Leader, let us know and we'll get you started on the Sierra Club's Outing Leader Training program.

Contact our Mammoth Cave Group Outings Chair to find out more, or to get started with the training.