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Organizing Against Toxic Coal-Ash Dumps Organizing against toxic coal ash dumps

aerial view of a mountaintop removal site(c) Vivian Stoockman, OVEC
Aerial view of a mountaintop removal site
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Action Alerts and Information: Sign up to receive action alerts and other news from the Kentucky Sierra Club by Email here: Sign up for Kentucky Sierra Club Action Alerts.

Listservs: Some of our issue committees sponsor listservs to which issue-specific information is posted and discussed. These lists are a good way to learn more about a specific issue and get involved at any level desired.

Click on the subscribe link and send the Email that is automatically prepared for you to join any of these lists:

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If you would be interested in volunteering for any of the activities below, or would like to volunteer in any other type of capacity (we have all kinds of needs) - please complete our Volunteer Interest Survey so we can share relevant volunteer opportunities with you.

Examples of ways you can volunteer with our Conservation work:
  • Issue Leaders:
    We need volunteer issue leaders to help us stay on top of environmental issues in Kentucky for which we do not have active committees, e.g. Forest Issues, Gas Fracking, Land Use, Adventure Tourism, Transportation, etc. If you would be interested in helping us monitor any of these issues, please complete our VIS, then contact our Conservation Chair.
  • Serve on an existing Issue Committee:
    If you would like to help any of our existing issue committees with their work, complete our Volunteer Interest Survey, and then contact the Chair of that committee, or our Conservation Chair.
  • Become a Water Sampler:
    To learn more about becoming a water sampler and how to get the training, contact our Water Committee Chair.

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