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Fundraising: Kroger Gift Cards

How It Works

How Using Your Ky Sierra Club Kroger Card Helps Us

Kroger donates 4% of RECHARGES made by anyone using one of our special KY Sierra Club Kroger fundraising gift cards. So every time you add money to your card, you are helping us to raise funds for our environmental work in Kentucky.

This is why it is important not to throw your Sierra Club Kroger card away – but to use it to pay for all your shopping at Kroger; and continually re-charge it! In this way our supporters help us raise funds, but it doesn’t cost anything extra to do so!

Recharging your special Sierra Club Kroger card can be paid for by any method you use to normally pay for your groceries, including a credit card.

About Your Ky Sierra Club Kroger Card

What you can purchase with your card

Your gift card can be used for anything, including fuel & prescriptions, in Kroger stores except services. Services include Money Orders, Western Union, Lottery Tickets, Hunting/Fishing License & Ticket Master. You cannot buy Kroger gift cards with a gift card.

How to check Your Card Balance

Your card balance is printed at the bottom of your Kroger purchase receipt, or you can check your balance on the web at, or call 1-866-822-6252

Important Re-charging Information

Location & Amounts

  • At any register: Cards may be charged for up to $100.00 *
  • At the Customer Service desk: Cards may be charged for up to $500.00 *

*There is a five minute delay from the time you recharge a gift card at the customer service desk or a check lane and use it in another check lane, including the pharmacy and fuel station. However, this does not apply to recharging and redeeming in the same check lane.  This is a fraud precaution taken by Kroger.

Recharging During Check-Out:  IMPORTANT – 2 separate transactions

  • Recharge your card (& pay for it) firstbefore the clerk scans your groceries
  • Check out and use your card to pay for your groceries

If you want to recharge your card and use it for your purchase, you have to pay for the recharge first, then make your purchase. This has to be done in two transactions. In other words, you must tell the cashier that that you wish to recharge your gift card before the groceries are rung. IF the gift card is recharged within the grocery order, it cannot be used to pay for that order. The gift card recharge must be done as a separate transaction first.

Always keep at least a dollar on your card.

A card with a zero balance for a period of 90 days will be taken out of the system by Kroger. A new card would then have to be purchased from us in order for it to support our fundraising.

Malfunctioning Cards

If a gift card cannot be recharged, a new card will need to be purchased from us. Occasionally a card is demagnetized and cannot be recharged.

Things that demagnetize gift cards: magnetic latch on purse or wallet, eel skin wallet or purse, money clip, cell phone, anything with a speaker.

Have the cashier manually enter the card number and get it to a zero balance until all money is used. Throw that card away and contact us to get a new card. A gift card purchased in a store CANNOT be linked to Sierra Club to help us with our fundraising efforts – fundraising gift cards are different and need to be purchased from us in order to help us raise funds.

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