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Kroger Community Rewards Fundraising Program

Help us raise Conservation Funds for FREE!

Kroger Plus CardUsing your regular "Kroger Plus Card" when you check out can automatically help us raise funds to protect Kentucky's environment.

All you have to do is connect your Kroger PLUS card with our Cumberland Chapter Kroger Community Rewards Account. Then be sure to have the clerk scan your Kroger Plus Card when you check out so that Kroger will make their donation to us.

Kroger donates 4% of all purchase amounts, recorded by Kroger Plus Cards that are connected to our account, back to our Cumberland Chapter. So it adds up! And the best thing is - it doesn't cost our supporters anything extra to support our work in this way.

Kroger Divisions

NOTICE: Kroger requires us to have separate accounts for each of their geographic "divisions" in Kentucky. There are 5 Kroger divisions. Currently only 4 of the 5 Kentucky Kroger Divisions have approved our participation in their program.

ACTIVE ACCOUNT(S) (connect your Kroger PLUS card to our account!)

  1. Kroger Mid-South Region (#12905): Covers Central Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington, Madiisonville, surrounding areas)
  2. Kroger Mid-Atlantic Region (#81623): Covers far Eastern Kentucky (Pikeville, Ashland, surrounding areas)
  3. Kroger Nashville Region (#62681): Covers Mid-Southwest Kentucky (Bowling Green, Hopkinsville, surrounding areas)
  4. Kroger Delta Region (#35450): Covers far Western Kentucky (Paducah, Murray, sourrounding areas)


We will update this list if our participation status changes:

  1. Kroger Cincinnati Division: Covers Northern Kentucky

Connect Your Kroger Plus Card to our Cumberland Chapter Account!

Create a Kroger Account & Add Your Kroger PLUS Card: You'll Need Your Kroger PLUS Card

  • Go to
  • If you do not have a "Kroger Account" - click the "Create an Account" button, otherwise sign in to your existing account.
  • Enter the requested information and click the orange "Create Account" button at the bottom.
  • Enter your Kroger Plus Card Number or Alternate ID (usually your 10-digit phone number), and last name used to register your Kroger Plus card, then click the orange "Save" button at the bottom.

Connect Your Kroger PLUS Card to the Cumberland Chapter Community Rewards Account

  • Click "Community Rewards" from the "Community" dropdown menu at the top of the Kroger website homepage. (And if f you are not already logged in - log in.)
  • Click the "Enroll Now" button next to "Kentucky"
  • Enter "The Sierra Club Foundation Cumberland Chapter" into the "search" box and click "Search"
  • Click the radio button next to our name, and then click the "Save" button. That's it!
  • NOTE: Kroger requires us to have separate accounts for the different Kroger "regions" in KY. If you can't find us listed - let us know.

Once your Kroger Plus Card is Registered with the Cumberland Chapter...

Every time you shop at Kroger and use your regular Kroger Plus card - you'll be helping us to raise money for our conservation work in Kentucky. THANK YOU for helping us in this way!

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