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Sierra Club Outing Leader Training

Train to Lead Sierra Club Adventures in Kentucky!

Outing Leader Training Program

To offer a diverse program of safe and enjoyable outing activities, we depend on volunteer outings leaders, trained through the Sierra Club Outing Leader Training (OLT) Program.

Prerequisites for becoming a Sierra Club Outing Leader

  • Sierra Club Membership
    Only Sierra Club members can serve as outings leaders. Not a member? No problem! You can join Sierra Club online here.
  • Sierra Club Outing Leader Training
    Completion of the OLT program is required to lead Club outings. Sign up here!

Requirements to fulfill before leading your first Club outing

  1. Complete the Outings Leader Training OLT 101 for leading day long outings or car camping trips. Complete OLT 201 to lead longer trips & backpacking adventures.
  2. Be certified in first-aid.
  3. Publicize your outing in one or more of the Cumberland Chapter's publications.

For more information, contact our Chapter Outings Chair.

Outing Leader Training (OLT) 101: Web Based

Take the first Outing Leader Training online!

OLT 101 can now be taken on-line in 26 "mile markers" (lessons).

Leaders can go through the training at their own pace, stop at any time, back up and review previous material, and in general go through the training in whatever order and at whatever speed suits them.

This course may take you between 3-6 hours (depending on your outings and computer experience), so you should plan to take this course in several shorter sessions.

Contact our Chapter Outings Chair for instructions on how to get started.

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