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Preparing for a Kentucky Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure


Outing leaders are responsible and in charge of all outings activities, so please follow their leadership. On hikes, stay between the leader and the "sweep," those individuals who are at the rear of your hiking party. On canoe trips, never let your canoe pass the lead canoe. You should never leave your outing group without the specific acknowledgment of your outing leader.


You should contact the outing leader by phone or mail well in advance in order to learn about the outing's activities, details or special requirements and to reserve a place in the outing party. If you must cancel a reservation, please contact your outing leader as soon as possible so that other members may have an opportunity to participate.


All individual equipment, including food, is the responsibility of each outing participant. Prior to participating in an outing, you should check with your leader to ensure that you are bringing the correct equipment and food provisions. An outing leader may require or suggest certain equipment or food items to ensure your safety and well being. Occasionally, outings participants with equipment such as canoes or tents may be willing to share their equipment with other participants. Your outing leader can provide you with information about such sharing arrangements.

Transportation and Carpools

Transportation to and from an outing activity is the responsibility of each participant. Carpools are, of course, encouraged to conserve resources and to reduce costs. However, unless other agreements are explicitly stated (written agreements are preferable), automobile owners shall assume all responsibility for costs pertaining to automobile breakdowns and repairs, as well as providing appropriate insurance coverage for passengers. All passengers are expected, however, to share in fuel, tolls, and other incidental transportation costs.

Outings Ethics

The goal of every Sierra Club outing is to maximize the enjoyment of all participants but to minimize the impact which these activities may have on our environment. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

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