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INSIDE the Kentucky Sierra Club

Executive Committee Elections

About Annual Kentucky ExCom Elections

Choosing Our Chapter and Group Volunteer Leaders

Cumberland Chapter MapThe Sierra Club is a grassroots-based organization. Our leadership comes from the communities that we serve.

This is a rare and important distinction which makes the Sierra Club one of the most powerful environmental organizations in the country.

Members in our Cumberland Chapter and its component Groups run for positions on our statewide (Chapter) and regional (Groups) Executive Committees every November.

Please VOTE!

Chapter & Group ExComs

Jurisdiction and Responsibility

The Cumberland CHAPTER covers the entire state of Kentucky - and is run by an elected Executive Committee which is responsible for the administration of the Chapter and oversight of the local GROUPS within the Chapter. There are currently 6 active local Groups within the Cumberland Chapter. These GROUPS are also run by an elected Executive Committee which is responsible for the administration of the local Group.

Election Cycle and Terms

Executive Committee members, both those elected to Group ExComs as well as those elected to the Chapter ExCom, serve for 2-year terms. The election cycle is designed so that approximately half of the Executive Committee comes up for re-election each year.

Appointed Officers

The Chapter Chair, Vice-Chair and National Council Delegate are appointed by the sitting Executive Committee. Other officers typically (but not required) appointed from the ExCom include the Secretary and Treasurer. In Groups, a Chapter Delegate , is appointed to represent the Group at Chapter ExCom meetings.

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