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Executive Committee Elections

Voting Instructions

Voting Eligibility

Membership in the Sierra Club is a requirement for voting in Sierra Club elections. All current Sierra Club members in Kentucky (aka the Cumberland Chapter) may vote:
  • on the Chapter ballot
  • on your local Group ballot (f you live in an "active Group" region) 

Preparing to Vote - what you will need

Help me find my Group! Select your county
Your Group is the:
Select a county to see!

Candidate Biographies

Most members may not know all the candidates running for office in the Chapter election, or those running in their local Group election. To learn a little about the candidates, read the candidate biographies before voting.

Membership ID#

Only current Sierra Club members may vote in Sierra Club elections. In order to maintain confidentiality and ensure votes are valid, members use their membership ID# to cast their ballot.

For your  member ID#, see your:
  • Email 'vote' invitation
  • The Cumberland newsletter mailing label
  • or contact national Sierra Club Member Services (415) 977-5500.

Local Group Name

During the annual ExCom election cycle, members vote for both the Chapter Executive Committee, as well as their own local Group Executive Committee.

Members who live in an area not currently covered by an active Group only vote in the Chapter ExCom election.

In order to vote in the local Group election, members will need to know the name of the Group to which they belong. If you are unsure - use the tool above to find your Group.

Casting Your Ballot

Two Ways to Vote

Members may vote online or by paper ballot which they return in the USPS mail. Paper ballots can be printed out from this website, or cut out from the November issue of the Chapter newsletter "The Cumberland" and mailed in.

Voting Deadline

Ballots must be RECEIVED by noon on November 30th in order to be included in the tally. To ensure your ballot arrives on time - it is recommended that members who vote by paper ballot send their ballot a week before November 30th at the latest - especially those members living in NKY, as USPS transit time between NKY and Lexington is notoriously slow.

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