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INSIDE the Kentucky Sierra Club

Administration of the Cumberland Chapter

Sierra Club Governing Structure

The Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. It is a non-profit, 501-c4 organization, managed by volunteers and financed by donations.  A member-elected board of volunteer directors governs the national organization. National Sierra Club headquarters are in San Francisco, CA.

The Club is organized into 64 Chapters across the nation which, generally, cover a state and address environmental issues at the state level. Each Chapter is further divided into local "Groups" which address environmental issues at a more local - county and city level.

The Cumberland Chapter of Sierra Club was founded in 1968, encompasses the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is comprised of 6 active Groups throughout the state. 

The Cumberland Chapter is governed by an Executive Committee (ExCom) consisting of 13 members: a representative from each of 6 Groups and 7 members elected from the general membership. Elected terms are 2 years. Annual ExCom elections take place every November.

Chapter Infrastructure and Resources


Our Chapter operates on funding from donations made directly to our Cumberland Chapter. Donations to the national Sierra Club do not support our Chapter budget. Our Chapter sends direct-mail fundraising letters to all our members in March, and to our donors in November. Income from these fundraisers directly supports our Chapter budget and determines what environmental work and services we can provide to our members each year.


Our Chapter has one paid staff who has been with us since May of 2005 to support our changing, elected volunteer leaders with our work across the state, and provide consistent management of internal administrative needs.


We do not have a Chapter Sierra Club office. Our staff works from a home office, allowing us to avoid utilities, insurance, maintenance, repairs and other expenses associated with leasing office space, and make the most of our donor funding for conservation and program work.

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