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Why is membership important?

Members & donors make our work possible in Kentucky!

Membership dues

Annual dues - small individually, but vital for our Chapter to operate

Sierra Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization.

For each Sierra Club membership in Kentucky, our national organization allocates to our Chapter a small percentage of the membership dues. This funding, along with donations we raise through Chapter fundraising efforts, comprises our entire Kentucky budget each year.

Our dues-paying members and donors literally make our work possible.

Members and donors make it possible for us to host our Chapter Annual Meeting and Activist Weekend events each year, publish our newsletter, fund our wide-ranging conservation efforts, and more; including the employment of one full-time staff who supports all our work. Other than the percentage from our Kentucky membership dues, our Chapter funding and budget is separate from that of the national Sierra Club. Every year, we plan our budget for the upcoming year - based on predicted Kentucky memberships and fundraising.

Membership connections to the Sierra Club network

Membership connects you with Club programs & information

While anyone can volunteer in different aspects of our work, it is difficult for an individual volunteer to be aware of the scope of our work, programs, activities, and opportunities to get involved if they are not a member.

Becoming a dues-paying member automatically links you in to the Sierra Club communications network. This helps you to know what is happening within the Club, and enables you to then choose when and how you would like to get involved.

Members automatically begin receiving the national Sierra Magazine, as well as our monthly Chapter newsletter - which provides information on the member's local Sierra Club "Group," volunteer opportunities, and more. We can also let you know how to sign up to receive action alerts, information on issues that are important to you, and more.

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