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12 Ways You Can Help us Elect our Endorsed Candidates

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Contact our Chapter Political Chair, or the Political Chair of your local Sierra Club Group and volunteer to help.
  3. Contact the candidate's campaign online and investigate ways that you can volunteer your time.
  4. Contact the candidate's campaign online and make a personal donation to help him/her get his/her message out to the voters.
  5. Use your own resources to organize fellow Club members, friends, and neighbors into a group of volunteers for the candidate's campaign to help with phone banks or get out the vote operations or campaign rallies
  6. Use your personal telephone or email account or mail to communicate with friends and associates; urge them to support and vote for the endorsed candidate.
  7. Attend campaign events and other public forums to support the endorsed candidate and to criticize the opponent.
  8. Write letters to the editor in support of our candidate and/or criticizing the opponent.
  9. Call a talk radio show to support our candidate and/or criticize the opponent.
  10. Use your Sierra Club volunteer status or mention the Sierra Club name and the fact that we have endorsed a specific candidate when you communicate in public.
  11. Volunteer to get out the vote around election day or assist absentee voters.
  12. Vote for the endorsed candidates. Make sure all your contacts that you have been talking to all year vote for our candidate too. Find your precinct location and legislative district on-line here.

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