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Terese Pierskalla - campfire cookin'(c) Darren Payne
Terese Pierskalla
Campfire Cookin'

Darren Payne - view from the rock top Darren Payne
Reaching the Top
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Submitting Articles

Guidelines for Article Submissions

  1. Submit articles typed, on disk, or Emailed to the address below.
  2. Articles should be double-spaced, plain text, and not to exceed 700 words (3 double-spaced pages.)
  3. Any accompanying photos should be attached separately - not imbedded in the document. Do not use photos taken from the internet or embedded in programs such as powerpoint as they will not have sufficient resolution for print. Please send photos at least 200 ppi resolution or larger.
  4. Do not use formatting (special fonts, colors, text boxes, etc.)
  5. Author's first and last names, day and evening phone numbers at the top.
  6. Articles on disk should be accompanied by double-spaced hard copy.
  7. Deadline for all materials is the 1st Thursday of the month (4:59 PM!) for publication in the following month's issue.
*Note: The editor reserves the right to trim or revise for reasons of clarity, space or libel.

Send Submissions to:

The Cumberland
2173 Palomar Trace Dr
Lexington, KY 40513
attn: Oscar Geralds
Phone: 859-264-8903

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