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Volunteer Leaders Wanted

Play a Leadership Role in the Kentucky Sierra Club

Volunteer Leadership Positions

Elected and Appointed Positions - click tabs for role descriptions

+ ExCom Member

Our Cumberland Chapter, and local Groups, seek candidates to run for Group and Chapter Executive Committee elections each year. ExCom members provide the administrative leadership for the Group or Chapter, and serve for a term of 2 years. Chapter ExCom members meet in person 6 times/year. Local, Group ExComs generally meet once/month.


  • Understand and promote the mission of the Sierra Club
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and General meetings
  • Lead and provide educational training and/or conservation opportunities to the general membership
  • Promote the Outings Program
  • Participate in long range planning
  • Actively assist in fundraising activities or contribute financially
  • Ensure financial stability and solvency
  • Modify and allocate resources; must be consistent with the opportunities, the abilities, and the commitment of the chapter/group
  • Monitor, question, and evaluate club activities
  • Provide Leadership and Vision within the chapter/group
  • Contribute a sense of camaraderie and teamwork
+ Membership Chair

Purpose of Position

The Member Engagement Chair, who enjoys meeting people and going to social events, meets and welcomes new members and volunteers for the Chapter/Group. The Chair works with all sections of the Chapter/Group to help provide people necessary to achieve the Chapter/Group’s goals. The Chair ensures that people are welcomed and engaged in a way that is satisfying and furthers the Chapter/Group’s mission.


  1. Creates a monthly planning calendar for member engagement activities working with the Chapter/Group Chair and ExCom.

  2. Recruits 1-5 people to work on your Member Engagement Team (“Team”). Familiarizes each team member on their activities and delegates authority to each to perform their functions.

  3. Administration (or delegate to Administrator on Team): Be the contact for member inquiries and responses; order all membership materials from National through Clubhouse; receives the monthly Chapter/Group change reports and sends welcome letters to new members; identifies and personally contacts select volunteers by phone; tracks attendance at new member events and at monthly “activity” or “program" meetings.

  4. Recruits new members and volunteers(or delegate to Recruiter on Team): recruits new members and volunteers through Chapter/Group newsletter, on the web using LinkShare, tabling events, outings, etc.; send out, or places in newsletter, volunteer survey and forward volunteer information on to the various sections in Chapter/Group; makes presentations at Chapter/Group meetings asking for volunteers.

  5. Member Engagement activities(or delegate to Events Coordinator on Team): Finds someone to create one or more monthly “activities” or “programs” that revolve around an issue of interest to them or the Chapter/Group.(ex. Like travelogue, a book club, restaurant club, etc.) Tracks the progress of these member engagement activities. Hold a new member welcome party each quarter.

  6. Publicity/Recruitment activities(or delegate to Publicity on Team): places invitations to member engagement activities in Chapter/Group newsletter and website; puts posters up in local outdoor and other appropriate stores to announce events; puts article in newsletter about member/volunteer events/parties; puts photos/article in local newspaper for larger events for the public; arranges for someone to do a summer series of tabling events; puts scheduled events in the local community calendar of events or pitch to local media for larger public events.

  7. Volunteer Coordination (need to delegate to Volunteer Coordinator on Team): Involve wider number of members and community support for the 1-2 new “activities” or programs created in #5 above. Keeps records of who came to volunteer and engagement events; manage correspondence and schedule;, creates volunteer awards and recognition program. Creates a program for the retention and upgrade of volunteer commitment.

  8. Develops and maintains historical data and procedures for member engagement programs for future planning and future member engagement chairs.

  9. Before leaving office, train your replacement and pass along all plans, results, and materials to your replacement.
+ Fundraising Chair

Purpose of Position

To work with the chapter executive committee to develop and implement an annual chapter fundraising program, based on the annual conservation and other goals and on records from previous years.


  1. Creates a monthly planning calendar for Fundraising events and activities working with the Chapter/Group Chair and ExCom. Attend a Sierra Club Fundraising Training.

  2. Recruits 3-5 people to work on Fundraising Team (“Team”). Familiarizes each team member on their activities and delegate authority to each to perform their functions. Coordinates with Publicity and the Volunteer Coordinator on Member Engagement Team when needed. Coordinates with the Chapter level Fundraising Chair on major donors, foundations and corporations.

  3. Administration (or delegate to Administration on Team): Be the contact for member inquiries and responses regarding fundraising activities and events; orders all the necessary printed materials for fundraising; orders lists and labels from the Labels desk at National for mailings, events and activities for fundraising; sends invitations and letters when needed; schedules and places fundraising donation ads, event ads, planned giving ads, merchandise sales ads (from AdKit) into the regular Chapter/Group newsletter; schedules Fundraising Team meetings for Fundraising Chair.

  4. Merchandise Sales (or delegate to Merchandise Sales Manager on Team): Sets up sales network to sell a variety of Sierra Club products, directly to members and non-members, such as calendars, boxed holiday and notecards, coffee, and other merchandise located at Works with Administration on the Team to place sales ads in newsletter; works with Member Engagement Team Recruiter to coordinate on tabling events, monthly meetings, and other selling opportunities. Makes presentations to local businesses use these Sierra Club items as holiday gifts or to use the Sierra Club holiday cards as their company’s holiday cards.

  5. March Appeal (Chapters only) Reviews previous year’s appeals’ successes; accesses the March Window Handbook (on Clubhouse ) if needed; creates new appeal with Chapter Chair/Staff and ExCom. Coordinates all aspects of the mailing(s) and the tracking of the budget’s revenues and expenses. Analyzes results. Coordinates with Administrative to place March Window appeal ads in newsletter.

  6. Fundraising Events Coordinator (or delegate to Events Coordinator on Team): Finds someone to create one or two fundraising events, that are/if manageable for your Chapter/Group size and budget, that can be held annually. Create a budget, volunteer needs, timelines; negotiate event space, catering, auction items or performers, etc. Manages all aspects of these events including the financial reporting. Tracks the progress of these Fundraising activities. Coordinates efforts with Member Engagement Team Events Coordinator.

  7. Grants: (or delegate to Foundation and Corporate Gift Officer on Fundraising Team) In coordination with the Office of Environmental Program (OEP) staff in San Francisco, writes (or oversees development of) grant proposals to local foundations/corporations for specific projects. Works with OEP staff to identify potential foundation funders, edit grant proposals, prepare project budgets, ensure project compliance with 501 (c)(3)regulations, and obtain The Sierra Club Foundation's approval for the projects. Works with Chapter or Group Treasurer to coordinate all grant requests/reimbursements accessing the Chapter's or Group’s c(3)funds at The Sierra Club Foundation.

  8. Personal major donor/planned giving solicitation: (Or work with staff or Conservation chair or delegate to Gift Officer on Fundraising Team) Researches local potential major donors – members and non-members to create list. Works with the Chapter/Group Chair, ExCom, staff, and conservation chairs to determine the highest priority issues/projects and write a case statement; works with Event Coordinator to holds an annual donor cultivation event as well as a donor “thank you” party; creates a compelling letter/ask for potential donors; follows up with a phone call to set up a face-to-face meeting; makes presentations; nurtures and maintains relationships.

  9. Develops and maintains historical data and procedures for fundraising programs for future planning and future Fundraising chairs.

  10. Before leaving office, train your replacement and pass along all plans, results, and materials to your replacement.
The Cumberland Chapter is led by an elected Executive Committee (ExCom) and several appointed positions, including committee chairs.

The Chapter ExCom consists of 7 members elected by the Chapter membership, and 1 representative from each of our active local "Groups."

A few of the leadership positions for which we are seeking dedicated volunteers are listed above. Volunteers interested in taking on a leadership role are usually connected with one or more relevant chapter leaders, and started out gradually, with work related to the desired position. Attendance at Chapter ExCom meetings is encouraged, to help the volunteer orient to the Club's administrative processes, our Chapter's particular work, and our state leadership. If you are interested in potentially volunteering in a leadership capacity and would like to find out more, contact us.

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity - please complete our Volunteer Interest Survey. Your responses will help us connect you with opportunities, as they come up, that fit with your interests and availability.

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